Power Rankings after Monza: Will Hamilton score better than Verstappen?

15-09-2021 16:28 | Updated: 15-09-2021 18:10
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Power Rankings after Monza: Will Hamilton score better than Verstappen?

Although the track has only a few turns and is mostly very fast straight, Monza has guaranteed some improbable results in recent years. After Pierre Gasly won the race in 2020 in an AlphaTauri, this year's Italian Grand Prix proved to be the resurrection of the much maligned Daniel Ricciardo, who finally delivered for McLaren after some initial problems.

The top performers

That the good-humoured Australian could finally do a shoey on the podium again also meant a near-perfect score for him in the F1 Power Rankings, where Ricciardo is rewarded with a 9.8. In his wake, with a 9.3, he trails teammate Lando Norris, who completed the party for McLaren in Italy.

Valtteri Bottas also received a high score. The Finn drove from the back of the field to the podium and gets a 9.2 for that. Of the people who did not have the honour to go to the podium, Charles Leclerc with a 8.7, George Russell with a 8.2 and old hand Fernando Alonso with a 7.5 also received high scores.

Verstappen and Hamilton

Despite the crash with Lewis Hamilton, which according to the race stewards was the Dutchman's fault, Max Verstappen still received a 7.3. That is higher than Hamilton's final score: a 7. This means that although Verstappen has lost some of his overall Power Rankings average, he is still firmly in the lead with Lando Norris in second and Lewis Hamilton in third.

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