Marko demands action after pit lane chaos: 'Against all reason'

11-09-2021 08:51 | Updated: 11-09-2021 09:27
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Marko demands action after pit lane chaos: 'Against all reason'

Where the qualifying sessions on Friday were not only hectic with traffic on the track, this time the drivers got in each others way in the pitlane. This came to a boil in Q2 when the 15 remaining drivers were all sent out of the pitbox at the same time and just managed to save each other on the way to the circuit. In light of this both Helmut Marko and Ralf Schumacher call for action.

"In the pit lane, what happened there is against all reason", Marko stated firmly in conversation with Sky Sports. "Q1 was very chaotic, Q2 was already better. But people have to have more discipline."

"“It doesn't do any good for anyone", the Red Bull advisor knows. Even teammates drove in each other's way in the pit lane, and created an unsafe situation for the engineers standing in the pitlane.

Responsibility of the teams

"It would be bad, of course, if something happened - and maybe even someone else was injured", Ralf Schumacher argues in agreement with Marko, also to Sky. "You can't blame the FIA, the teams have to pull themselves together and get one find another solution."

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