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'War' at Haas continues despite internal conversation: Mazepin lashes out

'War' at Haas continues despite internal conversation: Mazepin lashes out

10-09-2021 08:17 Last update: 09:30


Günther Steiner spoke behind closed doors with Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin to restore peace within his team. Once in front of the microphone, the war starts again, as the Russian refuses to keep his mouth shut about the situation.

Unrest remains at Haas

Mazepin and Schumacher are not friends to say the least. Schumacher has sounded the alarm internally after he was almost driven into the wall again by his teammate at Zandvoort. There has been an internal discussion about it, and where Schumacher likes to keep that internal conversation 'internal', Mazepin happily continues where he left off.

Where he according to Formel1.de Mazepin calmly starts that it is good if the discussion is held internally, he points again to Mick. Maybe you should take your foot off the gas when you see a sign on your side, instead of breaking your car to keep going.

Mazepin lashes out

Faced with Ralf Schumacher's criticism, Mazepin also lashes out. "There is a very appropriate saying for this. Opinions are like an a**hole. Everyone has one. He's just trying to protect his family. If he (Mick) really needed to be protected, I'd be happy to listen.'' Criticism from Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button does little for Mazepin either.

''It's not right that current and former drivers put themselves above the stewards and say what should have happened. They have no right to do that. On the other hand, I respect the rules enormously. However, as long as there is no significant part of the other car next to you, you don't need to leave a car width gap. After all, you're in front of it, and it's safe to do so. That rule has been there for years, and I respect it,'' concludes the Haas driver.

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