Does Horner see Mercedes as favourite? "Mercedes has been mighty there"

02-06-2021 19:53 | Updated: 02-06-2021 20:35
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Does Horner see Mercedes as favourite? Mercedes has been mighty there

Red Bull Racing scored the win with Max Verstappen in the Monaco Grand Prix, but whether they can win again in Azerbaijan, Christian Horner is not so sure. He does have his eyes pointed at Ferrari, who were able to compete for the podium out of nowhere in Monaco.

Baku and Monaco are not comparable

The street circuits of Monaco and Azerbaijan are difficult to compare. Monaco is the slowest circuit on the calendar, while in Baku speeds are expected to skyrocket on the long straights.

"Mercedes have been mighty there but we did win with Daniel in 2017. It is an unforgiving street circuit and anything can happen. Overtaking is possible, unlike at Monte Carlo," Horner revealed in his column on

What can Ferrari do in Baku?

Baku can easily be divided into two parts. The slower first two sectors, which include the wall of the old city, and then sector three. Which is almost entirely full throttle except for Turn 16. "It is going to be fascinating to see how all the teams fare at this type of circuit," says Horner.

The British team boss says he is also keeping his eyes on Ferrari's performance this coming weekend: "Of course it will also be interesting to see too if Ferrari's form carries through because that will be great for the championship."

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