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Surer knows Ferrari secret: 'This is why Ferrari was suddenly competitive again'

Surer knows Ferrari secret: 'This is why Ferrari was suddenly competitive again'

27-05-2021 13:50 Last update: 14:02


Suddenly they were there again, the cars of Ferrari at the front of the grid in Monaco. It had been a while since the Italian team was on pole position (Mexico 2019), but according to Marc Surer, that's probably the last time this year too.

The secret of Ferrari

Surer, himself active in Formula 1 between 1979 and 1986 for the likes of Arrows and Ensign, thinks he knows why Ferrari were so competitive at Monaco. According to the Swiss, it was because of the "super suspension" of the Italians. "The Ferrari bounced the least over the kerbs of all the cars. That is, of course, a good sign", he says in a video for Formel1.de.

"If the car is bouncing, you can't accelerate. Then the car is unstable," Surer continued. "If a car is quite right after it goes over the kerbs, then you can also give full throttle. I think that was a huge advantage in Monaco and will also have a positive effect in Baku."

Typical Monaco

Although Surer thinks Ferrari are going to benefit from the suspension at more circuits, he doesn't expect Ferrari to be as competitive as they were last weekend. "That they beat Red Bull and Mercedes, I think that was typical Monaco. I can't imagine it will be as successful at the other circuits as well."

Ferrari are currently fourth in the world championship with just two points behind McLaren. Surer does think Ferrari can compete with McLaren for the third spot in the championship. "I think third place is definitely in there. They have McLaren to contend with, but basically, I think it's within their capabilities to finish third at the end of the year."