Buxton points to Allison's new role: 'That's an advantage for Mercedes'

14-04-2021 09:44 | Updated: 14-04-2021 10:28
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Buxton points to Allison's new role: 'That's an advantage for Mercedes'

Mercedes surprised last week with the news that James Allison will step down. The Mercedes technical director will now become the Chief Technical Officer of Mercedes and therefore will not have to be at the pit wall every race.

Mercedes has flourished in recent years under the technical insight of James Allison. The man who was active at Ferrari for a few years made a successful switch to Mercedes and has had a lot of success there. Now however Allison wants to be more at home and has taken on another job at Mercedes.

Change at Mercedes

As Chief Technical Officer Allison will stay on at Mercedes, but more from an umbrella role. Mike Elliott will take over his role as technical director, so the continuity at Mercedes will be guaranteed. It's not the first time that there has been an internal shift at Mercedes, and according to Will Buxton it's only right that Allison remains involved with the team.

''James' contract was due to expire at the end of this season, so it is an advantage for Mercedes that they have managed to keep him on board. It gives Mercedes the opportunity to continue to grow as a team towards 2022,'' Buxton said in his new video. The Formula1.com reporter also highlights the important year ahead for Mercedes, with pressure from Red Bull Racing in this season, but also the new rules of 2022.

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