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'Verstappen seems like an old guy, but he is just 23'

11-03-2021 12:48 | Updated: 11-03-2021 15:37
'Verstappen seems like an old guy, but he is just 23'

Stefano Domenicali would like to see Lewis Hamilton compete against men like Max Verstappen for a few more years. He has made that indirectly clear to the Mercedes driver. Yet it will not be easy for Hamilton in 2021, because the CEO of Liberty Media knows that the competition is high with men like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.

"I haven't asked Lewis how long he wants to continue," Domenicali revealed in an interview with The Daily Mail. The former Ferrari team boss is hoping Hamilton will extend his stay in the pinnacle of motorsport for a few more years. "He knows I want him to go on and on. He is incredible, at the top of his profession and that position gives him great credibility talking about other issues that are important to him."

By this, Domenicali is referring to issues such as racism and the environment which Hamilton considers very important. It should not distract his attention too much, because according to Domenicali, next season will be tougher than ever for the seven-time world champion. "The fight on the track this year will not be easy. The level of the top drivers is the best it has ever been."

Verstappen embarks on seventh season

The 55-year-old Italian cites several names. "Max Verstappen seems like an old guy because he has been around a long time, but he is just 22 (now 23, ed.). Charles Leclerc at Ferrari is strong, Carlos Sainz has gone to Ferrari. There is Fernando Alonso back with Alpine. Sebastian Vettel is at Aston Martin and will want to show he is not the driver we saw last season. Lando Norris at McLaren. George Russell at Williams."

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