'Porsche has exploratory talks with Red Bull Racing about engines for 2025'

04-03-2021 07:29 | Updated: 04-03-2021 08:35
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'Porsche has exploratory talks with Red Bull Racing about engines for 2025'

The German engine manufacturer Volkswagen AG is considering a return to Formula 1. The BBC reports this, after talking to Porsche's vice-president. With this, the name of Audi or Porsche would be the most likely in Formula 1.

Engines from Porsche

From 2025 onwards, Formula 1 is going to change again, with a new engine for the future. For the next few years, Formula 1 is still stuck with the current hybrid engine, but from 2025 this could change. Those possible changes are also attracting new manufacturers, including Volkswagen AG.

''It would be of great interest if aspects of sustainability - for instance, the implementation of e-fuels - play a role in this. Should these aspects be confirmed, we will evaluate them in detail within the VW Group and discuss further steps,'' Fritz Enzinger told the BBC.

Porsche in Formula 1

The vice president of Porsche, part of Volkswagen AG, said the brand looks at what is possible every year. ''Porsche and Volkswagen AG are observing the constantly changing regulations in all relevant racing series around the world. This is also the case with regard to the emerging new engine and drivetrain regulation for Formula 1 from 2025.''

If Volkswagen AG enters F1, according to the BBC, it is Porsche or Audi that will be put forward as the brand. VAG is said to have held exploratory talks with three teams: Red Bull Racing, McLaren and Williams.

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