Aston Martin comes early in season with upgrade packages

25-02-2021 12:27 | Updated: 25-02-2021 12:57
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Aston Martin comes early in season with upgrade packages

On March 3, Aston Martin F1 Team will unveil their 2021 car, which Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll will race this year. The car is basically ready, the team says in an extensive article on their website. But with developments in mind, they are already working on upgrade packages.

No end point

The start is of course an important moment, but the team recognises that in terms of development, there is not really an end point. At least, not yet. Aston Martin F1 Team has implemented an extensive schedule that has been and is checked on a weekly basis according to the current state of affairs. This is in order to effectively achieve the goals that have been set.

In the run up to compiling the final specification there has been much discussion about what needs to be available immediately and what can be carried forward into upgrade packages for later in the year. This includes pre-season testing, which can change the car relatively quickly after its unveiling.

In the article the team writes: "While the AMR21’s initial specification is now finalised, the team is already working on upgrade packages to appear early in the 2021 season. Put simply, development never stops, which is why the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team began work in January on the 2022 car for Formula One’s technical revolution."

Support from Aston Martin

With the legendary car brand now behind the team, they feel they have more capacity at their disposal. For example, Bob Halliwell, production director, says: "We're taking on more technical people to enable us to build up and develop in all areas across the business, but in a controlled way.

"Having Aston Martin behind us is enabling us to move forward and get these things put in place. It has been a big change for us and it's very exciting."

This makes it clear once again that the team is pulling out all the stops to become a significant player alongside Mercedes, Red Bull Racing and Ferrari when they return to top level.

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