'Cooperation Red Bull and AlphaTauri will give them an advantage'

18-01-2021 15:33 | Updated: 18-01-2021 15:52
by GPblog.com
'Cooperation Red Bull and AlphaTauri will give them an advantage'

McLaren hopes that the FIA will do everything possible to prevent copying cars (as Racing Point did last season with the 2019 Mercedes car). The budget cap that will be introduced in Formula 1 from next season will not make that any easier.

The teams in the pinnacle of motorsport are becoming very limited in what they can spend. Choices will be made, but racing teams like Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri are working closely together. They can share a lot of R&D information.

In time, that could mean four Red Bull cars competing for the front positions. "When you have two teams, especially in the case of Red Bull and AlphaTauri, under one ownership, I think there will be synergies that will give them a competitive advantage," Zak Brown told Motorsport.com.

Teams must remain independent

The McLaren CEO therefore warns the FIA that everything must be closely monitored and that there are clear guidelines. “We hope that the FIA puts a stop to the extent of what we saw at Racing Point last year, and we do need to ensure that everyone remains as independent as possible. I think if it’s within the rulebook then that’s fine. We just have to make sure that everything that happened is within the rule books," the American said.

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