Leclerc has ideas on why Vettel struggled in 2020

03-01-2021 10:56 | Updated: 03-01-2021 12:07
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Leclerc has ideas on why Vettel struggled in 2020

Charles Leclerc has been the absolute leader of the Ferrari team since last year. Whilst Leclerc had some positive results in 2020, Sebastian Vettel struggled and In an interview with the BBC, Leclerc speculates why this was the case.

"It's a question I don't know the answer to," Leclerc said. "At the end, some drivers feel more at ease with the rear moving, some others more with understeer. And this year's car probably fitted my driving style a little bit more."

He himself admits to having had difficulty with the imbalance of the SF1000, with the rear of the car, in particular, not doing what the drivers wanted. "That was very difficult for the confidence you have in the car, and confidence in F1 is everything."

"But also, as Seb mentioned a few times, it is a difficult year for him overall because he knows he is not going to be in the team next year and probably this plays a part, too."


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