If Red Bull keep Albon "it will be another poor season next year”

04-12-2020 07:59 | Updated: 04-12-2020 10:12
by GPblog.com
If Red Bull keep Albon it will be another poor season next year”

In the eyes of Giedo van der Garde Max Verstappen has a good chance to win his second Grand Prix of the season this weekend. The Formula 1 analyst expects a duel with Valtteri Bottas on the Bahrain International Circuit. Van der Garde also hopes that Alexander Albon's contract with Red Bull Racing will not be extended.

"He definitely has a good chance, Valtteri Bottas will be his biggest competitor," said Van der Garde about the chances of the Dutch Red Bull Racing driver on the Outer Loop of the circuit in Bahrain. According to the former Formula 1 driver, a victory should be possible. "Last week Verstappen showed of course that he can do well in Bahrain".

Russell in top five expected

Russell will be entering the W11 for the first time this weekend. Despite the fact that Williams' driver is very talented, Van der Garde does not immediately see him as the biggest contender for Sunday's victory. "Of course he is a good driver. Because this track is not very complicated, I expect he can drive a good race. Top five should certainly be possible."

For Verstappen it is to be hoped that the strategy for this Grand Prix will be a bit better. Last weekend the 23-year-old from Limburg was quite critical of his team. "I understand that he said something about it, but I also understand that the team did not want to take too much risk with the strategy. Red Bull still wants the maximum possible result. If such a gamble with the strategy turns out wrong, you have nothing at all.

Perez in, Albon out?

Red Bull cannot afford to take such gambles, as there is no backup. "Because Verstappen is the only one who can do it for Red Bull. Alexander Albon drove another 40 seconds behind him, Verstappen had nothing to gain from that. I think and hope that Red Bull will choose Sergio Pérez next year. Verstappen would benefit much more from that as a teammate. With Albon it will be another poor season next year," the former driver of Caterham concluded on NU.nl.

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