Red Bull made a seven-degree mistake: "An unbelievable mistake"

24-11-2020 11:39 | Updated: 24-11-2020 15:44
Red Bull made a seven-degree mistake: An unbelievable mistake

Marc Priestley couldn't believe his ears when he heard that Max Verstappen's front wing was changed by seven degrees in the Turkish Grand Prix during a pit stop. The former Sky Sports analyst called it an ''unbelievable mistake'' by Red Bull Racing.

That's what Priestley explained in a new video on his YouTube account. "It's an unbelievable mistake. Seven degrees is a huge difference. When changing the tyres, changes are often made to the front wing. However, we are usually talking about half a degree or a whole degree as a change. So it seems quite remarkable to end up with a seven degree difference."

Marko explains error

Helmut Marko explained earlier how things went so badly wrong during the pit stop at Istanbul Park. The Red Bull advisor then indicated that the screw thread for the adjustment of the front wing worked in the opposite direction to normal.

Even then, a seven-degree change seems particularly remarkable. According to Priestley, something could have gone wrong between the pit crew members or there was a technical defect. Adjustments to the front wing are always made with certain devices. In advance, this is always filled in with how many degrees something has to be changed on the front wing, so that both sides are equal.

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