Marko wants a decision quickly: "In a maximum of 14 days"

27-10-2020 13:15 | Updated: 27-10-2020 15:32
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Marko wants a decision quickly: In a maximum of 14 days

Red Bull Racing will be without an engine supplier by the end of 2021 and everything now looks like they want to take over Honda's power unit in order to further develop and deploy it in-house. This will continue until 2026, when the new engine regulations will enter into force. It is in the interest of Red Bull Racing in that perspective that the development of power sources will be frozen for a season.

Within two weeks

On Monday after the Portuguese Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing's idea was discussed.  No decisions have been made yet, but Helmut Marko wants it sorted within two weeks.

"We need a decision as soon as possible," says Marko to Motorsport Magazine. "In a maximum of 14 days," he adds. 

Mercedes goes along, Ferrari doesn't

It is well known that Mercedes are happy with the restrictions on power unit development. The Germans have the most powerful engine, so it's understandable that they back Red Bull's suggestion. Ferrari on the other hand, wouold like to keep developing their engine.

Binotto said that for now he would like to prioritise the new engine concept for 2026, and only then would Ferrari want to look further. Or in his words: "The first priority is the new engine concept for 2026, then we can talk about a possible freeze," so a compliant Ferrari is not entirely out of the question. 

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