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Marko: 'Honda is our priority'

Marko: 'Honda is our priority'

15-10-2020 18:44 Last update: 22:18


Since Honda announced their departure from Formula 1, all eyes have been on the Red Bull Racing team. Who will they turn to? Which engine supplier is willing to work with them? Or will they continue to develop their own power source? Helmut Marko has offered some insight.

Honda remains the priority

Now that it is clear that Honda will leave the Formula after 2021, it is up to Red Bull Racing to find a replacement engine. Both Renault and Ferrari are an option, but further development of the Honda engine is also an option. To the question of whether Renault or Ferrari is preferable, Marko doesn't want to give a clear answer yet. "We need more in-depth discussions for that. But the priority is the Honda project. There are also many questions we need to clarify with Honda," Marko said in an interview with Motorsport-Magazin.com

"We know what we have. As long as Honda is an option, we won't talk specifically with the others."

In addition to Renault and Ferrari, Volkswagen had seemed to be an option. However, this now seems to be completely off the table. "These engines are so complicated, we won't be able to sit on them in a year from now," Marko said. So it remains to be seen which direction Red Bull will take.