Brundle: "He had another race to forget"

14-10-2020 10:45 | Updated: 14-10-2020 11:30
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Brundle: He had another race to forget

Sebastian Vettel didn't make it past eleventh position last Sunday and a painful statistic is that Nico Hulkenberg has gathered ten points in just two races where Vettel is at 17 while he has been competing all season. Vettel's performance was again mediocre and that is not the first time, where Charles Leclerc has been much better.

Race to forget quickly

"Seb Vettel replaces Perez at Racing Point/Aston Martin," said Martin Brundle in his column at Sky Sports F1. "But he had another race to forget with a clumsy spin once again racing among the Alfa Romeos with a similar power unit and a fraction of the budget."

"Seb finished out of the points although Charles Leclerc scrambled a seventh in the sister car," Brundle points out that it is indeed possible to perform with the SF1000. This despite the fact that the gap to the head of the field is quite large. In that sense the Monegask shows the best of itself. This is also evident from the points, Leclerc has now ridden 63 points together.

"Ferrari are showing more absolute pace, particularly in Leclerc's hands, but that's not translating into faster race stints yet as they tear up their tyres." And that is another problem, because it prevents Ferrari drivers from finishing even better. Although the pace of the red cars is also questioned, especially by Andrew Green.

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