"Not many drivers have experience there, so it's a good circuit for Max"

13-10-2020 16:35 | Updated: 13-10-2020 16:39
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Not many drivers have experience there, so it's a good circuit for Max

There will be a week's rest for the drivers and the teams, but after that it will be full immediately. The F1 will arrive in Portugal at the circuit of Portimao. There will be a short weekend on a 'new' track. Former Dutch F1-driver Jan Lammers thinks Max Verstappen has a chance to win.

Portimao is frozen or thawed for the teams

Lammers is already looking ahead to the next race, which will take place in a fortnight' time. Due to the changed F1 calendar due to the corona virus, the race at Portimao only came on the agenda later. At De Telegraaf, Lammers says: "It will be a separate race.

"In terms of layout, it is a very special, but also a beautiful circuit. There are a lot of height differences in it. I think it is a circuit that needs to be treated very specifically. One car-engine combination could be very bad, while other teams could have a lot of problems with that".

Opportunities for Verstappen

"At Silverstone, Red Bull Racing was playing into the game," continues Lammers. "Not many drivers have experience there, so I think it will be a good circuit for Max. With a good result in Portimao, Verstappen can start chasing Valtteri Bottas in the championship. In the last race in Germany, the Dutchman was already way ahead of the number two.

Lammers explains: "I think you can still make a difference by driving. The lines you can choose here can be decisive. There is room for creativity here. Max can put his skill and creativity to good use".

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