Marko confirms Red Bull's engine plans: 'Want to prepare Honda engine ourselves'

12-10-2020 11:33 | Updated: 12-10-2020 11:42
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Marko confirms Red Bull's engine plans: 'Want to prepare Honda engine ourselves'

There has been a lot of speculation in recent weeks about the future of Red Bull with regard to engines. Initially it was thought that after Honda's departure they would have to choose one of the other three suppliers, but it increasingly seems that they are going their own way.

In fact, Helmut Marko leaves no doubt in conversation with Sport1 what their intentions are. It now only depends on the Japanese whether a takeover of the Honda power source becomes a reality.

"With the provision that the talks with Honda are going well, we would like to take over the basis, the intellectual property and everything else from Honda in order to be able to prepare the engines at Milton Keynes," he's quoted by

One important condition for plan Red Bull

Marko indicates that the main reason for this choice that they do not want to be dependent on a manufacturer that also has its own team. Now that it is known that Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault will remain as a factory team in Formula 1 for the time being, this is preferably not an option.

However, according to Marko, there is one important condition for the success of Red Bull's plan. From 2022, all engine development must be frozen. If that is not the case, Red Bull will not be able to finance the development of the engine on its own. The FIA has yet to take a decision on this.

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