New parts for Mercedes drivers and for Albon

10-10-2020 13:01 | Updated: 10-10-2020 13:16
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New parts for Mercedes drivers and for Albon

Several drivers have had a new engines installed in their cars this weekend. Among others Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes and Alexander Albon of Red Bull have a new engine for the Eifel Grand Prix

We are half way through this crazy season and that means more and more teams are having problems with their parts. Now some of the drivers who are about to start qualifying have got a fresh engine from their team. They are Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel and Latifi.

No penalties

The internal combustion engine of both Mercedes drivers was replaced. At Bottas the MGU-K was also replaced. Sebastian Vettel got a whole new engine: he replaced the engine, turbo, MGU-H and energy store. For Albon, the internal combustion engine and the MGU-K were replaced. Finally Latifi got a fresh energy store and control electronics from his team.

None of the above mentioned drivers receive grid penalties for replacing the parts. They still had enough parts in their pool. There are no engine upgrades because the regulations forbid this.

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