"His dream marriage has become a violent divorce"

03-10-2020 16:56 | Updated: 03-10-2020 22:11
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His dream marriage has become a violent divorce

Ferrari is not doing well. At the moment the Italian team is sixth in the championship and only Charles Leclerc managed, with some luck, to secure two podium finishes. "Ferrari is really deep in the pit," says Robert Doornbos.

Problems at Ferrari

"The car is not efficient enough on straights, does not have a good aerodynamic balance and the mechanical grip is also far from home." Doornbos highlights in one sentence on Motorsport.com what is wrong with the Italians. "For a long time, their good engine was able to disguise all the problems. Now that's all coming up."

Departure Vettel

The fact that Sebastian Vettel will be exchanging Ferrari for Aston Martin next year therefore seems a good step for the German which, according to Doornbos, is leaving a sinking ship. "There is still speed in Vettel, but after such a mistake in qualifying I no longer see that he is really sick of it. Maybe he just had that stage of his career, or could a breath of fresh air change it anyway?" In any case, Doornbos believes that the four-time world champion deserves a more dignified farewell than at Ferrari. "Absolutely. His dream wedding there has become a violent divorce."

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