Kvyat: 'Too bad I didn't manage to push him into a mistake'

01-10-2020 18:37
by GPblog.com
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Kvyat: 'Too bad I didn't manage to push him into a mistake'

Both AlphaTauri's had a good weekend in Russia, with Daniil Kvyat finishing eighth and Pierre Gasly in ninth place behind him. However, Kvyat was not completely satisfied with his performance in the race.

During his home race it always seems as if the Russian can always give a little extra, and he did that again last weekend. Throughout the weekend he showed why he might deserve a Formula 1 seat after all. The rumours that he will be replaced at the end of this season by Japanese Yuki Tsunoda, now a Formula 2 driver, are getting stronger and stronger.

"Hard work"

"Our tactics worked perfectly," says Kvyat to Speedweek.com. "It was hard work to start on the hard tyre. I had to drive every lap as if I were in qualifying to make the plan work. But that was fun! I even managed to keep Lewis Hamilton a few laps behind me".

"But if there's anything I regret, it's that I didn't push Ocon into a mistake at the end of the race to take seventh place away from him. We had the better car, but overtaking is just hard with the current generation of Formula 1 cars. But if we go on like this we will rise one place in the World Cup". The Russian could then overtake Ferrari world champion Sebastian Vettel four times.

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