'Perez will most likely end up there'

29-09-2020 12:53
by GPblog.com
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'Perez will most likely end up there'

Sergio Perez is in conversation with several teams, he recently hinted at his upcoming departure from Racing Point. At the moment it is still unclear who he is talking to, although Haas and Alfa Romeo could be two options. According to Marc Priestley, we will soon have clarity about what Perez is going to do.

Perez will probably go to Haas

In his video on YouTube, the former McLaren mechanic discusses the future of Sergio Perez, who has several options. "The most obvious option for Checo is Haas. We have him and Nico Hulkenberg who are available and want a seat. At least, we think Checo wants a seat while there is also an IndyCar option for him."

"There are two options in the end: You have Alfa Romeo, but that will probably be Kimi and Mick Schumacher", so that option is dropped right away. "With Haas, on the other hand, there are potentially two more seats available. I think it's likely that Checo will end up there", but that's not all. Red Bull Racing is another option.

The right challenge for Verstappen

"The other possibility is that there's another Red Bull seat. If you look outside the Red Bull program and grab either Hulkenberg or Checo, both are not wrong options. If you don't feel that the Red Bull program has someone to put next to Verstappen to do the work that needs to be done, a realistic option is that Checo or Hulkenberg ends up in that Red Bull program."

This is an interesting analysis that has been suggested by others before. The problem with Red Bull Racing is that Verstappen has to do more or less everything alone, because his teammate can't come with him. Alexander Albon is a good driver, but is too slow in relation to Verstappen. In that context Hulkenberg and Checo are interesting alternatives.

"There is a realistic option that Checo or Hulkenberg will end up as a wildcard in that Red Bull program. Maybe for a season or two. We need to keep an eye on that area and hopefully we'll get an answer from Checo soon. The word on the 'street' is that we'll hear more next week," said Priestley.

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