Wolff could never have become CEO of F1; "Ferrari would use veto"

29-09-2020 12:19
by GPblog.com
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Wolff could never have become CEO of F1; Ferrari would use veto

Stefano Domenicali was recently appointed as the new CEO of Formula 1 where Chase Carey will take a step back. However, Domenicali was not the only person on the list to take over from Carey, Formula 1 was also interested in Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. But in any case, Ferrari would have prevented that from happening.

Ferrari would veto

This is shown in an interview that Toto Wolff had with Sky Sports F1. He confirms here that he was indeed asked by Liberty Media, but the discussions soon came to an end because Ferrari, by definition, did not like it. Beyond that, Wolff has too much love for the competition, and in some ways that lapses when you move up a rank and oversee the sport.

"I was in a difficult position, because Liberty made me think about it. But I realized I love the stopwatch and I like the competition. And if you are in that role (of CEO), it is obviously a totally different ballgame. But all that thoughts didn’t make a lot of sense to pursue because Ferrari made a clear commitment and said: ‘No. We would veto that.’ That’s why at the very early stage these discussions had to stop."

"They are entitled to have this position, to have that right. And that’s why it is okay. But having said that, I’m so happy in my role. I didn’t dream of anything else. I have a dream relationship with Mercedes and to all the people here. I feel that we can achieve more together and I think we can develop the company to  something that is more than a Formula 1 team without ever forgetting the priority."

Domenicali comes from Ferrari

Then the situation of the veto is presented to Wolff, because Ferrari would prevent his arrival, but Domenicali of course has a Ferrari history. Wolff doesn't worry about that and he understands, the Italian has been out of the sport for a long time where Wolff is still an active team boss.

What's more: "Stefano, he is a great guy, he has a strong personality, his integrity stands above all. He’s seen racing from all sides. He was sporting director, team principal. He went throug bad times and good times. He worked for Audi and became CEO of Lamborghini and made it to a great succes. So he is probably the best suited person to run Formula 1."

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