Sainz: "You force drivers to drive very strange lines".

28-09-2020 16:51 | Updated: 29-09-2020 00:27
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Sainz: You force drivers to drive very strange lines.

Carlos Sainz struck an unhappy figure at the start of the Russian Grand Prix by colliding with a wall of his own accord. Although he acknowledged it was his mistake, he also feels that something needs to be done about the design of the circuit.

"I had to open my steering slightly when entering turn 2 because I felt there was someone on the inside. That's why I jumped over the kerbstones. The moment I entered the chicane in the exit lane, I clearly had too much speed. The angle I wanted to go around that sign was too tight and I completely misjudged my speed."

Drivers want to change corner

However, there were several drivers after the race including George Russell and Daniel Ricciardo, who expressed their displeasure about turn 2. Sainz joined them, finding the forced escape route particularly problematic.

"I made a mistake today and I apologise to the team for that, but I don't think that turn is very well designed either. You force drivers to drive very strange lines near a wall," the Spaniard said to

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