Colleagues have faith in Vettel: "People quickly forget who you are"

24-09-2020 16:51 | Updated: 24-09-2020 20:37
Colleagues have faith in Vettel: People quickly forget who you are

For a long time it was rumoured that Sebastian Vettel would retire after he was put aside by Ferrari. Last week, nothing could be further from the truth when he announced his arrival at Racing Point. They are embarking on a whole new adventure under the name Aston Martin.

It is the second time in his F1 career that Vettel has taken such a big step. The first time was to repeat his successes at Red Bull Racing with Ferrari. Now the ambitions seem a little less ambitious, but Vettel isn't one to underestimate according to his last teammate at Red Bull.

Vettel remains active and important for Formula 1

"We drivers all fall asleep with different thoughts. Seb still thinks about racing and that's why he will be successful at Aston Martin," said Daniel Ricciardo at the press conference for the Russian Grand Prix.

Robert Kubica has also given that opinion. Vettel had a hard time in his first year alongside Charles Leclerc, but according to the Pole, that's not all we can judge him on.

"People quickly forget who you are and the results you have achieved and can achieve in the future. He is still a great driver and another team can fuel his enthusiasm. Formula 1 is lucky to have him on the grid."

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