Red Bull driver: "We actually emailled them back about it"

24-09-2020 15:32 | Updated: 24-09-2020 15:55
Red Bull driver: We actually emailled them back about it

Alexander Albon scored his first podium place of his career in Formula 1 at Mugello a fortnight ago. The Red Bull Racing driver, like eleven other drivers, received a formal warning on Sunday for 'inconsistent braking and accelerating' at the restart after a safety car situation. He himself doesn't understand much about this.

Twelve drivers were reprimanded by the stewards and Albon was the first one of these drivers. "We actually emailed them back about it because there was obviously nothing that I did that was strange or erratic," he said.

At Albon blames the layout of the circuit in Mugello. "I think it’s very much a track layout thing. You see it in Baku, you see it in Mugello, when the straight’s long enough you’re going to leave it to the last minute because the slipstream effect is so big. And that’s the consequence," he explains.

Albon can't help FIA

The FIA is keen to prevent this kind of situation in the future, but Max Verstappen's teammate has no idea what would immediately solve the problem. "I don’t know if there’s a way we can make it safer to be honest I’m not sure how you would do it. The Safety Car giving us such little time to react to the situation doesn’t help that. I think Valtteri had to stay within 10 car lengths up until the last corner so he didn’t have enough time to create a space."

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