Honda replaces three engines this weekend

24-09-2020 12:44 | Updated: 24-09-2020 14:49
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Honda replaces three engines this weekend

Max Verstappen crashed out in Mugello after he was hit by cars behind him. But if he had been able to keep on driving, he would still have failed because of the poorly performing Honda engine. This to the great frustration of the Dutchman who also failed at Monza. Now almost two weeks later, Honda has closed the investigation and has taken measures to solve the problem.

New engines for three Honda drivers

Several factors were the cause of Verstappen's engine failure and the manufacturer managed to take countermeasures, which will prevent it from happening again. The Race reports that this investigation has also revealed that several engine parts are still usable.

In other words, Verstappen will be able to revert to these parts if necessary, without incurring a grid penalty. However, the Dutchman will enter Russia with a brand new power source and he is not the only one. Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat will also get new engines in their cars.

However, the engine change for the AlphaTauri drivers is planned and is separate from Verstappen's. There will no be grid penalties for any of them, because they have not yet exceeded the maximum amount of components. However, they are all at their limits, so there will be consequences for future new parts, where Verstappen still has usable material.

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