Gasly about Alpha Tauri: "We are going to try to find our own place in F1"

23-09-2020 18:55
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Gasly about Alpha Tauri: We are going to try to find our own place in F1

After his victory at the Monza GP he said he was ready for a return at Red Bull, but Pierre Gasly seems to be coming back to that now. The young Frenchman is having a good time at Alpha Tauri.

Gasly debuted for the team in 2017, which was then called Toro Rosso. Two years later he was allowed to prepare for his first year with the mother team, Red Bull Racing. Gasly, however, was disappointed with the great Red Bull and was returned to his old team at mid-season. Alexander Albon replaced him and still drives as a teammate of Max Verstappen.

"Much ambition at Alpha Tauri"

However, this year Gasly is making a huge comeback, culminating in its first GP win at Monza. After this race he said he was ready to go back to Red Bull, but it's different now, he tells "There is a strong will and also a lot of ambition at Alpha Tauri. The relationship is different now than it was when it was Toro Rosso and Red Bull, I think. I think it's an interesting project. Red Bull is clearly the best of the two, but at Alpha Tauri there is an ambition to match Red Bull's performance. We need more resources and larger facilities to do that".

Gasly and Alpha Tauri are lucky. Starting next year, the team will be able to make more use of Red Bull's wind tunnel. However, the 24-year-old Frenchman says his team has gained independence from the Milton Keynes team as a result of the change of name. "The ultimate goal is to gain its own status and position in Formula 1. Alpha Tauri has great ambitions. This is not a one-year project, we know how long it will take to build up our own identity and status. We are going to try to find our own place in Formula 1."

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