"There's no match to Hamilton and Verstappen"

23-09-2020 17:00
by GPblog.com
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There's no match to Hamilton and Verstappen

The chance that Max Verstappen will be the youngest world champion ever this season seems unrealistic with a deficit of 80 points. Olav Mol therefore thinks he will go for day triumphs for the rest of the year.

Verstappen frustrated

Of the nine races Verstappen failed to reach the finish three times. After his third attrition, in Mugello, the Dutchman was frustrated. In front of Ziggo Sport's cameras, he let it be known that he was completely finished. Mol understands that frustration. "I can understand that incredibly well. As an athlete I find that quite normal, but those frustrations are certainly not structural", says the Dutch commentator to Motorsport.com.

With the backlog that Verstappen now has on Hamilton, the title aspirations can go to waste. "I think he will definitely go for his day's successes this year, yes. And if that goes well, I would advise him to start 2021 with the same mindset: to achieve as many day triumphs as possible. If you get a lot of them, you will become a champion."

No match to Hamilton and Verstappen

According to Mol, the fact that the championship has now been lost says nothing about the qualities of Verstappen himself. "As a driver Max is still the top of Formula 1, together with Lewis Hamilton. I don't think there is any match to that for others. Of course that is easily dismissed because of this year's Ferrari car, but apart from a few moments I don't think Charles Leclerc has managed to maintain his status from last year either".

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