Abiteboul looks forward to 2021: ''Then we'll have no more excuses''

22-09-2020 10:51 | Updated: 22-09-2020 11:17
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Abiteboul looks forward to 2021: ''Then we'll have no more excuses''

At Renault, Daniel Ricciardo took control of reins firmly and steers the team towards the top of midfield. Esteban Ocon is still lagging behind a bit, but Cyril Abiteboul is not worried about his French pupil yet.

Ocon lagging behind

Esteban was on the sidelines for a year and a half before he was allowed to get back into a Formula 1 car. The Frenchman was shown the door at Racing Point and saw that Ricciardo got his promised seat at Renault. A year later, Ocon is still allowed to drive for Renault and Ricciardo is clearly seems to be the better driver. 

''Daniel is a very strong driver, I don't have to explain that to anyone. This year he has become even stronger because the car suits him better and his communication with the team is getting better and better. The back of the car has become much more stable and Daniel feels very comfortable with that'', Abiteboul praises the Australian over Auto, Motor und Sport.

Alonso makes no mistakes

''Esteban is slowly recovering after an gap year, but he is not as far away from Daniel as it seems. He has to accept that Daniel is a real benchmark and that he has to set realistic targets. I have forgiven him for his mistake in Mugello and I am glad he wants more. At the end of this season I expect an exciting fight'', said Renault's team boss, who may have even more battle within his team in 2021 when Fernando Alonso makes his return.

''We are prepared for that and I think our car is in even better shape than this season. Fernando also sees that progress and that awakens the racer in him. We certainly need to develop further, because we know that Fernando does not make mistakes. So we will have no more excuses'', concludes Abiteboul.

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