Perez possible victim of Stroll's crash: Not enough parts

18-09-2020 20:33 | Updated: 18-09-2020 21:44
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Perez possible victim of Stroll's crash: Not enough parts

Lance Stroll's serious crash at Mugello last weekend caused major problems for his team. There's a chance that there are not enough parts for the car of his teammate, Sergio Perez, due to the crash.

A blowout caused him to go off in Arrabiata 2, while he was on course to get a lot of points for his team. At the time of the crash, he was fourth, but he already had Daniel Ricciardo in his sights. The 21-year-old Canadian came off unharmed.

Otmar Szafnauer, team boss at Racing Point, said the following about the blowout opposite "We took a good look at the tyre. It looks like debris from another car damaged the tyre. When the pressure on the tyre got high in that right turn, it blew."

New parts are useless

The crash has a direct impact on Racing Point in Sochi. For Stroll drove on the track with the only Evo package of the pink Mercedes - new sideboxes, optimised underside, improved front wing, newly shaped bonnet, different brake ventilation. All these new parts can now be disposed of.

The team is working hard, but it doesn't have enough time to finish new parts for both cars before the race weekend in Russia. As a result, Stroll gets the parts that were actually meant for the Perez car. So the 30-year-old Mexican, who will be replaced after this year by Sebastian Vettel, will have to settle for what is left for him.

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