Hamilton gets support: ''We must respect that he draws attention to that''

18-09-2020 10:13 | Updated: 18-09-2020 11:56
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Hamilton gets support: ''We must respect that he draws attention to that''

Lewis Hamilton received a lot of criticism last week about the statement he made at the Tuscan Grand Prix. Felipe Massa saw this too but is happy that Hamilton is speaking out for a good cause.

Hamilton could be seen before and after the Tuscan Grand Prix with a political shirt. Arrest the policemen who murdered Breonna Taylor', could be read on his shirt, taking the Brit one step further than his regular 'Black Lives Matter' expressions. Where many thought this went too far, Massa supports his former rival.

Anyone can learn something from Hamilton

''He has his way of drawing attention to certain topics. I think we can always learn something from each person, so if he does this for a good cause, it is only right that he does it. We have to respect that, that he pays attention to such a cause,'' says the Brazilian who, despite Hamilton's dominance, can also enjoy Formula 1.

''We had some great races at Monza and Mugello and with Pierre Gasly we had another winner. I think everyone was cheering for him. However, it is another year that Hamilton dominates, a year in which he plays with the other drivers and does an excellent job'', concludes Massa in front of the Brazilian Globo.

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