Giovinazzi seems to blame Magnussen after the Mugello crash

16-09-2020 18:17
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Giovinazzi seems to blame Magnussen after the Mugello crash

Antonio Giovinazzi seems to blame Kevin Magnussen for the crash just after the safety car on Mugello. Carlos Sainz and Nicholas Latifi were also involved in the accident and none of them could continue his race.

Giovinazzi explains that halfway through the lap the drivers were told that the safety car would go back in the pits. From that moment on, all drivers were preparing for the restart of the race. At the restart the Alfa Romeo driver was close behind Latifi.

Braking at green lights

"I sat behind Latifi and saw that he started to accelerate. The lights were on green and when I looked at the images I saw that Magnussen was also accelerating", Giovinazzi told the Italian branch of "But then Kevin slowed down and that surprised Latifi." Latifi managed to avoid most of Magnussen's car, but hit it just hard enough to fall out.

Latifi made his steering movement too late for Giovinazzi and he could no longer avoid Magnussen. "I saw the Haas in front of me and couldn't do anything anymore. The same happened to Sainz, who was behind me. It was even worse for him, because there were two cars in front of him." Giovinazzi tells that he was driving at 270 kilometres per hour behind Magnussen.

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