Antonio Giovinazzi




Antonio Giovinazzi

After two full seasons in Formula 1, Antonio Giovinazzi will return as an Alfa Romeo Racing driver in 2021. The Italian only managed four points in 2020, but with Alfa Romeo uncompetitive, his performances were enough to secure a third season with the team.

Italian glory

The standard road of karting, Formula Renault and Formula 4, was not taken by Giovinazzi. The Italian chose Formula Pilota China in 2012 (where he won immediately) and moved on to Formula 3 via Formula Abarth. In the British championship the Italian finished second, after which he entered the European championship.

In 2014 Giovinazzi finished sixth and in 2015 he was just short to take the title. The Masters of Formula 3 was won by Giovinazzi, which put the Italian on Ferrari's radar.

Prior to the 2017 season, the Maranello team announced that Giovinazzi had been taken on by Ferrari, but nothing as a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy. Instead, Giovinazzi was immediately part of the Italian team and would take on the work in the simulator. A task that Giovinazzi would take very seriously, since in that first year he covered no less than 75,000 kilometres in the virtual racing car.

Giovinazzi versus Gasly

Where Giovinazzi will race against Pierre Gasly again in 2021, the two already met in the GP2 championship in 2016. After an extremely exciting battle, it was Gasly who narrowly took the title, but Giovinazzi showed himself to be an excellent rookie. The Italian was only eight points short to become champion in his first year. Gasly moved on to Super Formula, while Giovinazzi set to work as a test driver with all Ferrari allied teams.

Return to Sauber

In his first year as a test driver, Giovinazzi is allowed to ride directly in the Sauber, after Pascal Wehrlein was injured during the Race of Champions in the winter break. The Italian didn't get any points, but he does leave an impression when he reaches P12. 

Giovinazzi got another go again in China, but parked his car in the wall twice. The rest of the season the Italian was put back in the simulator, until Sauber takes the broom through the team in 2018. Charles Leclerc leaves for Ferrari, after which Marcus Ericsson is also put aside for a whole new driver duo.

On his return in 2019, Giovinazzi raced with the same team, but in the meantime this team has already been renamed Alfa Romeo. 

Antonio Giovinazzi in 2021

With Raikkonen again his teammate, Giovinazzi will be looking to regularly outperform the veteran Finn, if he is to continue to impress and save his seat in F1, with plenty of Ferrari-backed youngsters eyeing up his seat.