Albon sees no threat in Gasly: "It doesn't really make a difference"

15-09-2020 20:34 | Updated: 15-09-2020 20:38
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Albon sees no threat in Gasly: It doesn't really make a difference

Last weekend, Alexander Albon finally took the podium after two previous failures at the hands of Lewis Hamilton. That Albon has experienced a lot of pressure at Red Bull Racing is obvious, as he thanked Christian Horner after the race for the support he has received in the rather difficult period so far. However, his self-confidence has never been a problem.

Focus on the little things

"It's really very simply about self-improvement, working well with the team and focusing on the little things, and not looking around," says Albon in conversation with ESPN. "I definitely feel that I'm improving as a driver, not just on the circuit but also off the track so that's still the goal."

"From where I see it, things haven't really gone our way so far and I feel our results haven't been very representative of what we can do. That's where got to keep push and we still have half a season left to do a good job," said a down-to-earth Albon who clearly sets his priorities.

Threat from Gasly?

With Pierre Gasly's victory over Monza a week earlier, speculation is back on track that the Frenchman has earned another chance at Red Bull Racing. However, Albon does not see this victory as a threat to his position with the team.

"It doesn't make a difference. It's nice to see other drivers doing well but I wouldn't say it motivates me more, because I'm a pretty motivated guy as it is," said the Thai-British driver who finished third in Mugello.

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