McLaren will not exclude Sainz for the rest of the season

12-09-2020 10:42 | Updated: 12-09-2020 11:07
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McLaren will not exclude Sainz for the rest of the season

Carlos Sainz will transfer to Ferrari in 2021 where he will replace Sebastian Vettel. This will be the end of his adventure at McLaren, and where it is normal for departing drivers to be increasingly excluded, Sainz will not be. McLaren argues that keeping Sainz involved in technical discussions and developments can be good for the team.

Scoring points is everyone's goal

McLaren's primary goal at the moment is to score points so that they can become third in the constructors' championship. To achieve that, they need all the help they can get, including input from Carlos Sainz. Team boss Seidl at says: "At the moment, Carlos is still fully involved in everything we are doing here at the track and also back home."

"We clearly have the philosophy that that's the right way forward in order to get the maximum out of Carlos also. In the end, we share the same goals this year. He wants to get maximum points and results, and the same is happening on our side. That is valid for us as a team. And to be honest, I think we will go ahead like this until the end of the season."

What also plays a role, of course, is that developments this year are limited because of the adjusted regulations. This simply allows teams to develop less than usual, which makes sharing specific information with another team less useful.

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