Albon: "I don't feel any extra pressure to perform by Gasly's win".

10-09-2020 20:55 | Updated: 10-09-2020 20:58
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Albon: I don't feel any extra pressure to perform by Gasly's win.

Alexander Albon says Pierre Gasly's victory over Monza last week does not affect the pressure he feels to perform. Max Verstappen's team mate has already had some disappointing weekends.

Albon said durring the press conference on Thursday that he thinks the progress he is making is not reflected in the results. "The process remains the same, as has always been the case in Formula 1. When I look at my own recent races and everything that has happened I am happy with how things are going. I think Monza does not reflect well how I am doing within the team. When I get the chance, I will show what I can do."


When asked whether it wouldn't be frustrating for him not to be on the surprising stage last weekend, the young Thai reacted resignedly. "You always want to be on the stage, that's for sure. Especially if you get a chance like that, when the Mercedes Mercedes is not there to win the race. That is disappointing yes.

"But there were so many teams who were affected by the situation last weekend. We were certainly not the only ones.

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