Critical Verstappen: 'I don't need to bother them, because they know themselves"

10-09-2020 17:32
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Critical Verstappen: 'I don't need to bother them, because they know themselves

Max Verstappen had a bad weekend in Monza. The upcoming race, also in Italy, on the Mugello circuit is the Dutchman's hope for improvement. Verstappen was very critical of Red Bull Racing, but indicates that the team itself also knows it wasn't good.

Critical Verstappen

For the first time this season we saw Verstappen so critical of his own team. The Dutchman had problems with his RB16 and after the restart at Monza he dropped out. Pierre Gasly in the AlphaTauri won the race, about which Verstappen was able to say: "That Red Bull of 2019 wasn't so bad yet.

During the online Red Bull press moment Verstappen was asked if he had talked to the team after his critical remarks. Verstappen: "Well, I don't have to keep on hammering about that. They know it too".

Honda and Red Bull need to improve

Verstappen continues: "Everyone is of course full on it to make things better. We are constantly working on that".

Verstappen could have taken full advantage of the bad shape of Mercedes in Monza. The small chance he still had of winning the championship in 2020 has once again been reduced. At Mugello, however, his team could possibly do well compared to Mercedes. The asphalt temperatures there are high and the Pirelli rubber wears hard.

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