Brawn sees golden future for F1: "His time will come"

07-09-2020 18:59 | Updated: 07-09-2020 20:30
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Brawn sees golden future for F1: His time will come

Ross Brawn is very excited about the future talents of Formula 1. After Sunday's Monza race, he expects the three drivers on the podium to have a golden future.

Golden generation

"I had Carlos Sainz down for the win when Lewis was handed his penalty but I had underestimated what a beautiful race Pierre Gasly was driving", Brawn starts in his column on the official Formula 1 website.

"Sunday’s race showed that Formula 1 has a golden future. Can you imagine the excitement when drivers like Pierre, Carlos and Lance are in race-winning cars? Lance will be kicking himself after making that slow getaway on the restart but he drove an excellent race", continued Brawn.

Talent of Sainz

Brawn understands very well that Sainz hates missing out on his first victory. The Spaniard came very close and did everything he could to catch up with Gasly. "Carlos was frustrated to have missed out on victory, but he showed once again what an impressive talent he is. His time will come."

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