Is Gasly ready for a Red Bull return? "I think you need to get him back"

07-09-2020 18:06 | Updated: 07-09-2020 20:24
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Is Gasly ready for a Red Bull return? I think you need to get him back

Pierre Gasly has been performing well all season long. The Frenchman has performed very well since his return to AlphaTauri, while his replacement at Red Bull Racing continues to lag behind Max Verstappen. Former Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert says it's time for Gasly to return to Red Bull.

"I think it's Alex Albon we need to talk about now. Because he hasn't been able to do it again today. The driver on the smaller team wins today. Alex doesn't want to break himself completely, but I personally think Red Bull should get Pierre Gasly back in the car", Herbert said after the Italian Grand Prix for Sky Sports F1.

Lack of confidence for Albon

Paul Di Resta complements Herbert: "Gasly is getting the numbers in. He's consistent and I think you can tell from his body language that it's all right. In F1 you have to be proud and ready. You have to feel like you can carry the whole team. Alex needs a boost of confidence and if you drive against Max Verstappen you're not going to get it."

But Herbert isn't completely negative about Albon's performance: "The races where he comes from the back to the front are great. The problem is he is never in the right place at the right time. He can never support Verstappen. I think that doesn't work well for him and for the team."

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