Verstappen: "After the red flag we had problems with the engine right away"

06-09-2020 17:20
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Verstappen: After the red flag we had problems with the engine right away

Max Verstappen had a dramatic Grand Prix in Italy. The Dutchman had to start in midfield after the red flag, but he was soon in the pits due to an engine problem. In Monza, it was already clear that it was going to be difficult to attack Mercedes, but he did not expect these problems. 

"The start was already bad and then we also got stuck in a train, where everyone had DRS. You just couldn't overtake there so you had to follow each other. That all went well, but the start just has our whole race ruined," the Dutchman explains to Sky Sports.

After the red flag it was no longer possible

Due to the poor start of the Dutchman, he had to look for improvements, but he was stuck behind Valtteri Bottas, who in turn was in pursuit of Renault. After a mechanical error by Kevin Magnussen and a hard crash by Charles Leclerc, the entire race was turned upside down, which ultimately did not work out well for Verstappen.

"Then, of course, we got that red flag and once we got back to racing I immediately had problems with the engine. We don't quite know what the problems were, but it was clear that the car could no longer drive. Adjust the engine positions several times, but nothing worked," Verstappen concludes.

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