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Verstappen after Albon's comment: If that makes you happy...

Verstappen after Albon's comment: "If that makes you happy..."

05-09-2020 16:51 Last update: 18:10

Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon did not have a very pleasant Saturday afternoon with a fifth and ninth time in qualifying. The Dutch driver of Red Bull Racing finds it telling that Pierre Gasly was only three tenths slower in a lesser car in Italy. Verstappen also comments on a statement made by team mate Albon after qualifying.

"This year's car just isn't good enough. We have, of course, adapted quite a few things to the car this year. We did have some problems with that at the beginning, that was obvious," said Verstappen in an online press session from Red Bull. 

Difference from AlphaTauri in all words

Gasly is in tenth place, but at Monza the difference was very small towards the RB16. "Look how close AlphaTauri is to us. Of course no disrespect to Pierre, but if he is only three tenths behind me in that car, then I know enough."

Albon came ninth Saturday afternoon and afterwards said that this was a good qualifiying. When Verstappen talks to the Dutch press about that statement, he says: "Yes, well. Then you're ninth. I don't know. If that makes you happy... "

Verstappen had said something else

The nine-time Grand Prix winner doesn't find the timing of his 24-year-old teammate very convenient, although he then stresses that it's none of his business. "If I was ninth, I wouldn't said that it would have been a good qualification. That's not up to me in the end either. I just focus on myself. I'm just not satisfied with the balance we have", concludes Verstappen.

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