Sainz about Spa: "We felt too little risk"

02-09-2020 17:21
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Sainz about Spa: We felt too little risk

McLaren driver Carlos Sainz says the drivers now feel less anxiety when racing at Spa due to the increased presence of the 'runaway asphalt'. In previous years there was a lot of grass next to the track, but this year that has turned into asphalt.

This adjustment has been made so that the circuit would also be better suited for motorbike racing. Sainz says to that the race areas have been extensively discussed by the drivers and the FIA. ““I feel like the only thing Spa is missing now is the gravel and the grass next to the exit kerbs. Now we have a bit too much as far as the feel of risk, and the paying of risk/reward is not good enough in these modern circuits..”

Little reward for taking risks

“Even though safety is primary, I think there's still a compromise to be found with tarmac run-off areas. Although the combination of sector two and Eau Rouge and everything is incredible, I think there's still work to do to try and make more of a penalty for the drivers when you run wide.”

FIA race director Michael Masi acknowledged that Spa is now "more forgiving", but also said that track limits keep the drivers in line.

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