Palmer: "Bottas stayed ahead of Verstappen thanks to Hamilton"

01-09-2020 16:52 | Updated: 01-09-2020 17:03
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Palmer: Bottas stayed ahead of Verstappen thanks to Hamilton

The podium of the GP of Belgium was divided among the traditional favourites. Lewis Hamilton on top, this time followed by Valtteri Bottas on two and Max Verstappen on three. Hamilton had a great influence on the result of the podium. At least, that's what old F1-driver Jolyon Palmer says.

Bottas decided too late

Verstappen held on to second place in the championship, but saw the gap between him and the front runner widen. Hamilton won superbly. Jolyon Palmer analyzed the race and found the performance of Valtteri Bottas in the first round to be witness to little guts. In the end his second place was saved by his team mate.

On the F1 website Palmer writes: "Hamilton was so fierce in the first corner that he switched back and made a mistake. As a result the Brit slowed down and Bottas came close to Eau Rouge. Bottas got stuck behind his team mate at one point and lifted to avoid crashing".

"Bottas had a chance to attack Hamilton there. That would have been a bold move, but Bottas decided too late to brake and braked too much which cost him a chance to fight for the win".

Hamilton helped Bottas as a defence against Verstappen

Palmer continues: "Verstappen in turn had to stop for what happened between the Mercedes drivers. The only reason that Bottas stayed before Verstappen in the end was thanks to his team mate. Hamilton stayed on the right side of the Kemmel Straight, giving Bottas a slipstream. As a result, Verstappen did not have the speed to overtake the Finn."

The analyst concludes: "With Verstappen ahead of Bottas in the championship he is in my opinion the bigger danger for Hamilton. Maybe Hamilton did it on purpose to help his team mate and build a buffer to Verstappen".

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