Binotto counters Wolff: "There are people who like to talk about us"

31-08-2020 15:16 | Updated: 31-08-2020 16:27
Binotto counters Wolff: There are people who like to talk about us

Mattia Binotto responded to Toto Wolff's criticism of the approach taken by Ferrari. The team boss of the Italian race team believes that Wolff should mind his own business and says that his team is doing everything they can to get on top of things quickly.

At the Belgian Grand Prix, the Austrian boss at Mercedes stated that the bad shape of Ferrari may be due to decisions made by some top men and that wrong priorities have been set in recent months.

Ferrari vs Mercedes

"I know there are people in other teams who like to talk about our situation and our fans," said Binotto to Sky. However, he doesn't want to go too deep into Wolff's words.

"There is nothing I want to say to him. I know what is going on in our fans. I am a fan myself and I know exactly what's going on in us."

The 50-year-old Italian continues his story: "I have been working in this factory for 25 years. We know our priorities and we know that Formula 1 holds no secrets. You just have to develop as quickly as possible and try to set the right priorities," said Binotto.

The weekend at Spa-Francorchamps was a painful one for the Maranello-based formation. Where Charles Leclerc won last year, by 2020 Sebastian Vettel was in thirteenth place.

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