Masi after F2 incident with kerbs: "They absolutely are fit for use"

22-08-2020 10:56 | Updated: 22-08-2020 11:46
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Masi after F2 incident with kerbs: They absolutely are fit for use

FIA Formula 1 racing director Michael Masi will investigate the incident of Sean Gelael in Formula 2 during the feature race in Barcelona. The Indonesian broke a vertebra through a high kerb.

Safety of the kerbs

According to Masi, the kerbs meet the requirements of the FIA, but he also says that there is always room for improvement. "They absolutely are fit for use, and safe from an FIA perspective", he says in conversation with "Safety is something we are continually evaluating."

"We'll have a look at the details of the incident, together with our safety department, gathering all the footage and all of the available data, and if there are amendments required, then we'll make those", concludes Masi.

Replacement for Gelael

Because of the fracture in his vertebrae, Gelael is not available to drive at DAMS for at least six weeks. The team has therefore decided to drop Red Bull Racing junior Juri Vips for the next three laps.

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