New chassis for Sainz to prevent cooling problems

14-08-2020 11:45 | Updated: 14-08-2020 15:39
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New chassis for Sainz to prevent cooling problems

Carlos Sainz suffered from cooling problems during the Grand Prix at Silverstone and as a solution McLaren has built a new chassis for this weekend, team boss Andreas Seidl has confirmed. The hope is that this will provide a solution to the problems that Sainz experienced, but it is not certain since they have not yet been able to determine the cause.

Difference between two cars

Lando Norris didn't suffer from this and so McLaren was faced with a mystery where the difference between the cars came from. But to be on the safe side, McLaren picked up a new chassis, which is now a race earlier than initially planned.  What has been replaced are different parts, including the monocoque.

In this way McLaren wants to exclude everything and try to find out the specific cause of the problem. It remains to be seen if it will work, because as a compromise McLaren had to make adjustments to the car of Sainz at Silverstone that were not necessarily advantageous. But this prevented overheating somewhat.

So far the Spaniard also has a more difficult season than his teammate Norris. A flat tire in the first Silverstone Grand Prix, cooling problems in the second race and so on. "He hasn't had any control over things like that, but he has lost a lot of points because of that. It's up to us to perform better and hopefully we can do so in Barcelona", said Seidl at the press conference.

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