Ricciardo and Gasly: 'Without qualifying mode you can't get the maximum out of it'

13-08-2020 20:14
by GPblog.com
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Ricciardo and Gasly: 'Without qualifying mode you can't get the maximum out of it'

The ban on qualifying mode from the start of the Belgian Grand Prix is what dominated the press conferences today. One is in favour of it, the other an opponent and yet another argues that it will not matter so much. Two 'opponents' who find each other are Daniel Ricciardo and Pierre Gasly.

Maximum power of the engine

Daniel Ricciardo states in the press conference prior to the Grand Prix weekend in Spain that he is initially against a ban. This is due to the fact that in qualifying he would like to have everything the engine has at his disposal. At the same time he doesn't know the specific details of the rule yet, so he can't make a final judgement on it. This is where his teammate, Esteban Ocon, follows him in.

He is also supported by Pierre Gasly, who also states that he would prefer to get the most out of his bike on Saturday. It would be a "pity" according to the Frenchman if that is no longer possible. This is striking, because the general expectation is that the teams that ride with Honda engines would get the most out of it.

From a sports point of view it is better

It's twofold in that sense, too. From a race perspective it is a disadvantage, because you don't have the full power at your disposal, albeit for a short period of time. From a sports perspective it is another story, because this rule should make it fairer. But whether or not that desired effect is achieved, is at this moment looking at coffee grounds.

Next weekend the teams are still allowed to qualify in this illustrious mode, so nothing will change in the very short term. Only in two weeks at Spa-Francorchamps we will be able to see the effect and then we can determine if this rule really works.

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