Marko hopes for Verstappen: "During GP Belgium we compete for pole position"

13-08-2020 18:45
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Marko hopes for Verstappen: During GP Belgium we compete for pole position

Max Verstappen clearly indicated to be against the party mode in F1 and thus a supporter of the ban. The FIA wants to ban the extra engine power from the GP of Belgium. Helmut Marko sees golden opportunities for Verstappen when this rule is implemented.

Mercedes too strong

Mercedes is still very strong on Saturdays. It happens more often that they are even one second apart from the number two. Mercedes makes a very strong car and should be rewarded for that, but the FIA now wants to make the competition fairer and forbid the Saturday advantage.

That's why Helmut Marko, Red Bull Racing advisor, thinks Max Verstappen might be able to compete for pole from the GP weekend in Belgium. In Spain this weekend it will not be possible yet.

Marko critical on party mode

"The party mode of Mercedes is tremendously strong," says the Austrian at "During qualifying that engine is good for seven tenths to a full second compared to the number two. In Barcelona we won't come close because there are two straights on that track".

Marko concludes: "In Barcelona it might not be possible, but after the possible technical changes it might be possible to compete for pole position at Spa-Francorchamps".

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