New engines for Verstappen and Albon: "Provides more flexibility"

07-08-2020 11:17 | Updated: 07-08-2020 12:50
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New engines for Verstappen and Albon: Provides more flexibility

This weekend the second Grand Prix will be held at the Silverstone circuit. For Red Bull Racing, the second weekend means not only catching up with Mercedes but also the introduction of a new Power Unit for both cars. Honda has decided to give both cars new engines prior to the GP weekend.

On Twitter Honda indicates that they are going to make that change. "As part of our PU strategy, we are introducing new PU's for the two Red Bull drivers at Silverstone. This provides more flexibility around the management of all Power Units. The new engines will have the same specification as the ones being replaced."

No change at AlphaTauri

So with the new engines for Red Bull, Honda is not making any progress. Replacing the engines is purely about maintaining the engines and making sure everything stays in one piece. Normally AlphaTauri's cars would also get a chance, but they are now lagging behind. "We're not making any changes on that team."

"We are doing this because Gasly already got his second PU in Hungary and with Kvyat we first want to investigate to what extent his engine was damaged after his crash during the race on Sunday". So Max Verstappen and Alex Albon will get a new engine, but it won't bring much new benefit to the Red Bull drivers.

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